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11:45am 06/05/2006
mood: hungry
So sorry I'm getting worse and worse on the updating junk here. Haha.

Erm, so some crap's been going on with AFS Hungary and me (I can't freaking wait to get out of their system), and basically I had to go up to Budapest yesterday to talk to the head person there about my "behavior problems." Um, what?

She made me sign a paper agreeing to make my behavior better (what the flip, this whole thing got blown way out of proportion), and that if I don't shape up, I might get sent home early. At least she admitted that since I have less than two months left in my program, it's unlikely that I'll get sent home early. I'd better freaking NOT, because I haven't even DONE anything worthy of making me be sent home early! I hate AFS Hungary.

Anyway, Mom, Dad, Clifford, I'll explain this to you in an email, just because you're the only ones that really need to know. And I'm sure you'll think what AFS Hungary has done is outrageous. But don't call them up and yell at them while I'm here, because that would make things worse. Call them up and yell at them once I'm back in the states. They can't do anything to me, then.

Sooo that was yesterday. This afternoon, after lunch, I'm going to Pécs to go to the big mall there. I'm going to look for new sunglasses. My other ones (that I bought in London.. Dang) broke yesterday in my bag. I don't know how it happened, because I didn't crunch them or anything. So yeah, hopefully I can find some.

Then tomorrow, I'm heading up to Siofók (town at Balaton, the big lake here in Hungary) for some camping-ish stuff with some other exchange students. I'm coming home one day early (Tuesday, as opposed to Wednesday), because I need to study for the language exam.

On Wednesday, we're having our last Hungarian lesson before the exam. Eek. But we're getting money back from AFS, so at least that's good.

Then next Sunday (a week from tomorrow), we head down to Szeged (city in the extreme south of Hungary) for the language exam. I'll be staying there Sunday and Monday night (the test is on Monday), and coming home Tuesday, I believe.

And some point next week, I believe I will be doing a presentation on the US/California. But I don't know exactly when, because the teacher didn't tell me the last time I saw her, and I wasn't in class yesterday because I had to go to Budapest.

So yup, that's pretty much what's going on in my life right now.

Oh, and our last orientation is going to be June 9th-11th, in Dunaharászti, the place we had our second orientation way back in October. Wooaaahhh, long time ago. The location's nice... I just hope they feed us more. And it's interesting, because it's a former Communist camp, with baracks and stuff like that. [Hahaha, that reminds me of before I came, and my brother told me to look out for Communist stuff. I asked how I'd recognize it, and he said it's anything that goes "clang." :D] And another good thing is that everyone will be there (maybe even the people who came in January, but at least everyone from our group). Hooray! That hasn't happened since the first, arrival orientation!

Well, that's it for now. :)
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08:04am 24/04/2006
mood: cheerful
So here I am, again, finally back into my regular school schedule again, after having a few weeks of irregularity (trip to London, then half of last week taken up by Easter vacation). Hooray. Haha.

So not much else is new since my last entry. On Friday, I went to Pécs with Kelsey for our friend Edgar's (Paraguayan.. He came in January) birthday. It turned out to be a lot of funn, after having a slow start.

Saturday I pretty much did nothing all day... I was really tired. I didn't do much yesterday, either. I was going to go to Betti's competition, but it was too early in the morning (like eight or something) and I was too tired, so I didn't. She ended up getting fourth place (out of I don't know how many), though, so that's pretty good.

And today I'm just here, in my computers class again, for the first time in a while. Just like before I left, though. Boring.

I'm checking up on MLB.com, and it's good to see that the Giants are at least tied for first place... And it sucks that the A's are having another slow start. Bleh. Oh well, I'm sure they'll pick it up soon.

Annddd it turns out Louisa's coming back July 5th, not July 9th, so she's going to Warped Tour (on the 8th). She invited me to go with her, too, and I really want to, because it's on a Saturday and so I won't have summer school. I have to ask my parents, though, but I'm pretty sure they'll let me go.

So yup, I guess that's all for now! Puszi! Sziasztok!
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12:17pm 21/04/2006
mood: awake
Okay, so I'm lazy. I'm just pasting what I put in my email out to everyone here, as well. Haha. It's insanely long, so I understand if you don't want to read it all.

So, as hopefully all of you knew, I spent last week out of the country. I embarked on a trip to London by means of passing through Austria, Germany, and Belgium on the way there, and France, Germany, and Austria on the way back. So here goes.

The girls from Kaposvár travelled up to Budapest on Thursday, April 6th, because we were to meet at Hero's Square at 9 am on Friday, the 7th, and there weren't any trains that would get us into Budapest on time. Sandy (from Iceland) and I stayed in a very good hostel that night.

Friday morning, we lugged our stuff from metro to metro to Hero's Square, on time, only to have the bus be an hour late. We ended up leaving about two (I think) hours after we were supposed to. That day, we drove through Hungary and Austria with only pit stops at gas stations and such until reaching Straubing, Germany, a small town in which our hostel for the night was. We were all pretty tired, and after exploring the town in search of dinner (no luck, everything was closed), we went back to the hostel and munched on our own food that we'd brought/bought.

The next morning, Saturday, the 8th, breakfast was at 6.15, so everyone was up early. We were set to leave early (at 7) for a day of travelling. I believe we ended up getting out at around 7.30 or so, so not too bad. In the early afternoon, we stopped in Cologne, Germany, for a few hours of free time. We (Julia, Sandy, Kelsey, Jess, Sara, and I) climbed up the cathedral tower (more than 500 steps). Right at the top of the tower, the batteries in my camera died. Of course. And my extras were in my other bag, so that rather sucked. After being up for a little while, we climbed back down, getting very dizzy in the process (they were spiral stairs the whole way). After that, we still had some free time, and walked around the town a bit. We found a really good shopping street, but didn't have the time to stop hardly anywhere, so that also kinda sucked. :P Then we headed back to the bus, and proceeded on to Brussels. We arrived in Brussels around 7.30. After much confusion and stuff, we were set free to go have dinner and stuff, having to meet back up in the main square at 10. Jess, Sara (both Australian), Kelsey, Saca (a Hungarian girl), and I went and found a place to eat, and got pizza and spaghetti. After that, we had a little free time and got Belgian waffles. Freaking deliciousss. :)

Then, we got back underway on our trip. We drove further until we reached the British customs office in France, and all loaded off at around 2.30 in the morning to get our passports checked. I was rather disappointed, because after travelling through 9 borders on the whole trip, this was the only stamp I got! After that, we got back on the bus and sat around for ever until we could load onto the ferry (at 4.30 in the morning, or something. Yuck). The ferry was about an hour and a half long, pretty much all of the exchange students conked out on seats and stuff until it was time to get off.

From there (we arrived in Dover, at around 6), we drove to Canterbury, a cute little town about an hour away from Dover. The town was very quaint and I liked it. Unfortunately, we were there at 7 in the morning, and not only that, but it was a Sunday as well. So literally nothing was open. The one cafe we did find that was supposed to open at 8 had had its window broken the night before, and so wasn't. The only place that WAS open was McDonald's, so of course all of the exchange students were there, eating breakfast. The upside to it was that I got a bagel with cream cheese. Yum. Then we all met back next to the cathedral, and went and looked at it. It was nice.

After that, we drove on to London. Most people slept most of the way. We arrived at the hostel sometime in the early afternoon (about 1, probably). Once there, though, our chaperones didn't want to let us out. We didn't understand why, and protested, until eventually they let us go out for food. Julia, Sandy, Kelsey, Sara, and I went off to a Lebanese restaurant way up the road and got pitas. They were yummy. We got back to the hostel around 6, only to find out we weren't supposed to go off alone. We got that sorted, though, and everything was all right. We were in for the rest of the night, and the hostel we were staying at (639 Harrow Road :D) was having a little karaoke night that night, so a bunch of the exchange students went down. It was cool. There was also a large group of Danish students staying at the hostel, as well. They all looked the same.. It was rather funny.

The next day, Monday, April 10th, started at 9 in the morning. At least, that's when we left. We went to the British Museum, and had three hours there for free time. We assumed they were three hours to look at the exhibits and we would get lunch after, so we looked at the Greek, Roman, African, American, Egyptian, and some of the Asian exhibits (pretty good for only three hours). It turned out, though, that we were supposed to get our lunch during that time, even though no one had told us. After much more protesting, it was established that we would get our lunch during the guided bus tour. So we went on the bus tour throughout London, and stopped at a wonderful chain sandwich place (Pret A Manger... Seriously perfect) for lunch, though most people went to McDonald's. Yuck.

After the tour, we were taken to Madame Taussaud's (dunno how to spell it) Wax Museum, and were given a little less than two hours there. We were supposed to meet back at 6, but a bunch of the exchange students (around 15) got caught in a show and didn't get back until 6.30 at the latest. The teachers and bus drivers (stupid Chubby Csaba) weren't happy. Then we were taken to a supermarket to buy food, and then back to the hostel for the night.

Tuesday started with being driven to Windsor Castle. It was rather silly, though, because we were going to see the changing of the guards, but couldn't see it, actually, and couldn't go into the castle. So we walked around Windsor and had Starbucks (first time in eight months.. Haha) and bought souvenirs. After Windsor, we were driven to Oxford, which was also rather silly, because we only stood around staring at the college, which wasn't all that exciting. And we couldn't go looking around the city at all. After Oxford, we were driven back to Oxford Street (haha) in London, and given about an hour and a half or two of free time there. I finally got sun glasses (hooray) and a birthday present for my host sister, Barbi (if you want to know, they were striped knee socks... She likes knee socks). Then it was back to the hostel.

On Wednesday, we went to the Tower of London in the morning. It was really interesting, at least for us. I saw the crown jewels, and so that was cool. But some of the stuff is seriously outlandish and rather gaudy and tacky. Ah well. After the Tower of London, we were driven back into town and given free time. Jess, Kelsey, and I (as well as some others) decided to use it to go to the Hard Rock Cafe London. After spending a LOT of time getting there, we had a delicious meal (best cheeseburger and fries I've had in my whole time being here) and went in the store, where (of course) I bought a shirt. Then we went back to meet our group, and went back to the hostel (surprise, surprise).

On Thursday, we had the mess of checking out of the hostel, then drove for forever (for whatever reason) only to reach the same point we'd had been at the day before. We were given more free time. Kelsey and I didn't want to spend money, so we went and got sandwiches (Pret A Manger!) for lunch, and then walked around the city. We went to the Parliament and talked to the picketer there (the one who's been protesting for something like four years). He was actually really cool. Then we walked back along the Thames, and sat on a bench. It was rather entertaining, because a group of 12-14 year old French kids came and surrounded us, waiting to get on their bus (we happened to be sitting in front of it). We didn't want them to understand what we were saying (in case any of them understood Engish), so we spoke in Hungarian. It was funny to see the looks on their faces, because it was obvious they had no idea what language we were speaking. Haha. Then we went back to the bus. There we found out one of the Thai girls (Dzsip) had had her bag (including her passport) stolen. Not good. The rest of the day was spent trying to go to the Thai embassy (closed due to the Thai new year) and the police station (too long of a line). So we didn't get to go to Hastings, or spend time in Dover. Instead we just went straight to the ferry.

On Friday, we got to Paris really early (around 8, I think). Sara, Jess, Sandy, Julia, Saca, Kelsey, and I went and got breakfast. Then we had the whole day, pretty much (until 6.30, when we were meeting at the Eiffel Tower) to go around the city. We started at the Notre Dame Cathedral, then went to the Louvre (saw the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo), Champs Elysees, some other museum that we sat outside of, and finally the Eiffel tower. We ate lunch in the gardens outside of the Louvre, and actually walked the whole length of them (it was loonngg). At the Eiffel tower, Sara didn't feel like going up, so I stayed down with her because I'd already been up before. We got ice cream and walked around a bit.

We finally ended up leaving at around 7, for our long drive back to Budapest. We arrived in Budapest around 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, April 15th. Us Kaposvár girls had to go catch our last train home (barely made it). We were all marvelling at the weather and how pretty Budapest looked. Seriously, in the week we were gone, everything came into bloom and stuff. Boat tours are running on the Danube now, and everything's all tourist-y. So if you want to come visit me in Hungary (haha), come now! Budapest is nice again!

Anyway, dunno if you read all of that. Haha. It probably took you forever, if you did. It wasn't all that exciting, either. I'm sorry.

Oh, and check out a summary of photos from the trip here! http://www.ringo.com/photos/album.html?albumId=38495714

That's it for now.. Puszi, sziasztok!
08:03am 06/03/2006
mood: awake
So here I am again. Hooray!

My weekend was pretty good. Friday night all the exchange students in Kaposvár (except Dzsip, a Thai girl.. She was busy) had a movie night at Julia's (the NZer's) house. We watched eight movies total. :D They were: Bring It On Again, Love Actually (finally I've seen it :P), The Butterfly Effect, The Notebook, The Beach, Ned Kelly, Romeo and Juliet (the newer version), and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (also the newer version). I liked Love Actually, didn't like The Butterfly Effect (eek, creepy, freaky movie), of course loved The Notebook, The Beach was different from the book (they made it weird), and I slept through Ned Kelly (it was boring) and Romeo and Juliet (I don't like that version). And Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was good, too. We started at about 6 o'clock Friday night and ultimately finished at around 10.30 Saturday morning. Haha.

Needless to say, I was very, very tired on Saturday. I pretty much did nothing all day and then slept a LOT Saturday night.

Yesterday, I did nothing as well. Got up, and was just around the house all day. Very exciting, it was. I forgot about them, but apparently the Oscars were on yesterday. Well, they were probably on at like 3 in the morning here, anyway. But I just checked up on the winners and nominees at cnn.com and I was surprised to see that Crash won best picture. I saw that here (it was in English with Hungarian subtitles), but I didn't know it was good enough to win best picture. Interesting.

And right now I'm checking up on baseball news.. Whoop de doo. Haven't gotten into much, but if there's anything I should really know, please tell me. :P Reading up on baseball in a country other than the US is pretty difficult, seeing how it doesn't exist.

This weekend Nati (the other Thai girl here in Kaposvár) and I are maybe probably going to go over to Kecskemét, a city in south-eastern/central-eastern (I'm not exactly sure which) Hungary (we're in south-western Hungary). We're going to visit the exchange students (two Germans) there and see the city and stuff. It should be funn, seeing how a couple of other exchange students are going down as well from other parts of the country. I'm looking forward to it.

And I'm happy, because in this new, nicer computers classroom I can check my email! In the other classroom we were in, I couldn't because the computers' software wasn't up to date with what AOL needed. But here it is. And the keyboards are quieter. Yay.

Well, that's it for now! Talk to you all later! Sziasztok!
08:19am 28/02/2006
mood: amused
So this past weekend was good. Friday afternoon I hung out with Alycia, an Australian girl who was an exchange student in Kaposvár, Hungar three years ago. She's moved back to Hungary for possibly a year and is living in Budapest, but came down to Kaposvár for the weekend to visit her old host family and stuff. We went to the Plaza and had hot chocolate and just talked. Then we went and bought a birthday present for Julia who forgot about her host mom's birthday. :P

Friday night I went to Munkácsy-est, which was basically a show with a bunch of programs at my school. The occasion was the birthday of Munkácsy Mihály, the Hungarian painter my school is named after.

So I went. It was good. There was singing and dancing and reciting of poems and stuff, and it was good. Even though I didn't understand most of it. There was a weird duet between to girls who were pretending to be cats... The whole song was in meows. Interesting, to say the least. One of the girls is in Betti's class. Haha. I'd say the best performances were the Latin dances (done by professionals), the one song in English (hooray! And it was good, too), and this other song between a guy and a girl who both had really good voices (the guy is part of the band Ivory Coast [a really popular reggae band here] and a student at Munkácsy). So yeah, that was good.

After it finished, I went to a concert at the Pogo Center with Barbi and Betti. It was a reggae concert, and the band was called Zagastic, I think. At least that's what the drum and one of the guys' shirts said. But yeah, it turned out to be really good, even if they didn't actually start playing until late.

Saturday I did pretty much nothing during the day... Saturday night I went and saw "Walk The Line" with Julia, Sandy, and Kelsey. It was really good. I liked it a lot (and it was in English with Hungarian subtitles! Yay!). The only problem was that we had to leave the SECOND (literally) the credits started because we had to run to our buses. I hate having to take the bus home. And it was our last buses, so if we missed them, it's a taxi home, and those are expensive. Thankfully, we all made them (me and Sandy with a few minutes to spare, Julia with none :P).

Sunday... I don't remember what I did. Obviously nothing of importance.

Yesterday there was no school because the incoming ninth-years for next year had to take tests. Placement tests, I guess, for which class they want to be in. Betti went because she has to switch out of her class. She wants to go into the English class, the general class, or the sport class. Preferably the English class.

And today... I'm just here. In Computers. The internet wasn't working so I was plazing Minesweeper, but now it is (obviously) because some guy came and told us what to do to fix it, and so I'm doing this. Whoop-de-doo.

And that's about it... I was told our Hungarian test is on May 11th. Hmm. I don't know whether to take the intermediate or the advanced level. Erzsi (our Hungarian teacher) said I could take the advanced level, but I'm not so sure. I have to get to studying, because that's in less than 2.5 months. Eeek.

Oh, and it's the last day in February! Silly little February only having 28 days... :)

Puszi, szia!
07:56am 21/02/2006
mood: blah

Long time since my last update.. Sorry about that.

Well, Caitlin's been gone for a while, as have the others.. Hope they're having a good time being back.

The week before last was my one-week exchange to Kiskunhalas. It was really good. I ended up liking it a lot. I had two host (twin) siblings, Panna (girl) and Gyula (boy), both 15. Panna was really nice and we got along well, and Gyula was.. Well, a little brother. Haha, no, he was nice too, but a little annoying and immature at times. I went to school while there, as well. It was a really nice, fancy school.. Somewhat similar to Tancsics here in Kaposvár, I think. I was in the ninth class, though, which kinda sucked because they were all two years younger than me. But at least it was only for a week.

Everyone who went to Kiskunhalas had a host sister, and they were pretty much all friends, so that was cool. It meant that we got to hang out with each other a lot of the time, which was good. Our sisters kept us busy practically every second of the day (mainly with pizza and stuff :P), which was also nice of them. The going-away at the traing station was really emotional and more than I think anyone expected. All of our sisters came and everyone (almost) was crying and I don't think anyone wanted to leave. I'm hoping to go back and visit them sometime in the spring or summer. Maybe twice, I dunno.

Then, the weekend before last, we had an orientation in Debrecen. It was kinda a pain to get to, even from Kiskunhalas. We had to switch trains three times, and after the first train Julia, Anastassia, and I got separated from the rest. We decided to play a little trick on the rest of the group, who were in another car. We basically called them and said we got on the wrong train and were headed to Kiev, not Debrecen. Of course, we called back right after and said we were joking. But it was hilarious, even if some people (coughSandycough) got really mad at us. :D And it started a weekend full of Kiev jokes. Oh man.

The orientation was really stupid, though. We didn't do anything. Really. But, of course, it was really good to see everyone again. Especially people I'd only met once or twice before.

Leaving on Sunday was awful. No one had organized anything for any of us.. We were expected to take care of it on our own. So we did. The train we were originally going to take to Budapest was full, so we ended up having to take one a little later. Then, once we got to Budapest, it would've all been fine had we not had to switch train stations, involving taking both the red and the blue metro. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, either, but it wasn't only just the Kaposvár girls but like 8 or so other people who knew next to nothing about getting around Budapest who we had to take with us. That's difficult when you don't have that much extra time. And then two people didn't buy tickets (even though they should have because there are ALWAYS controllers at the stop we had to switch at), and so got caught and had to pay the fine. Not funn. But finally, we made it to Déli from Nyugati, and everyone got on their trains and went off.

Last Friday night, I went and saw "Rumor Has It" with Julia and Dzsip. The movie was all right. The best part was undoubtedly when they mentioned Half Moon Bay in it. That was cool. :D

Saturday night I went to a concert with Barbi. We met Julia and Kelsey there. It was a kinda sucky concert.. The music wasn't bad but there weren't a lot of people there and there wasn't much to do. We ended up leaving a little after 11.30 because we were tired and hungry. Haha. Sunday I did nothing. But Betti came back from Venice at 7 IN THE MORNING. Ugh. She rang the doorbell twice (thanks, Betti, because none of us are trying to sleep, you know), and then came in and made lots of noise with Anya and Apa, too. Not cool.

This weekend there's supposedly a Munkácsy-night thing, which involves performances by people (singing, dancing, that sort of thing). Some people I know are performing in it. It's a celebration for Munkécsy Mihály, the painter my school is named after. I'd like to go, but it's on Friday, and I don't know if I'm going to Dávid's (my angel... aka liaison) little graduation-thing ceremony at Tancsics.. I have to talk to him about that. But I'd like to go to Munkácsy-night.

And yeahh.. Right now I'm in computers class. We've gotten put into a new classroom with much nicer, new computers. And it's a nicer room, I think, which is good.

And I guess that's it for now.. Puszi, sziasztok!
Student Week!   
03:01pm 24/01/2006
mood: mellow
Awesome. Seriously. The best thing to ever happen in a school.

So, basically, it's a competition between the twelfth (leaving) classes of Munkácsy. Each class puts on two performances, and at the end of the week the school votes for the best. And it started today (don't ask me why it didn't start yesterday).

So, I entered the school. Instantly, in the little entrance hall, I'm bombarded by people trying to stamp any bare skin on me (including my face-- but I didn't let that happen. Ha), and shoving food and other goodies/junk on me. It continues into the main part of the school, but finally I get past it. Then I go to the main hall of the school, and wow. It was all decked out. Balloons and posters and each class (A-H) had its own stall all decorated with food and stuff. And music's playing and everyone's talking and dancing and having a great time. Awesome.

Then, after every class, there was a performance by each of the different classes, in the form of a movie, sometimes with some acting on the stage in it. It's literally a run for a spot to see it after the bell rings. The first movie I saw was 12.e, which will be my class (11.e) next year. Their's was all right. The next ones I didn't really understand (the second one, 12.d's, sucked). The last one, though, was 12.a, and it was the best of the ones I saw.

Haha and while I was waiting between breaks when I didn't have a class, two guys sitting next to me on the bench (from 12.c) started talking to me, and I was like, sorry, I don't understand, I'm an exchange student, and they were like what? And went away, and came back with a stamp for their class. They wanted to stamp my face, and I was like, haha, no thanks. Finally they just settled for my other hand. :P

Seriously, though, lots of funn. I'm so bummed I'm missing tomorrow and most of Thursday. That sucks. I was talking with a classmate and they were like well it's a choice between Student Week and your friend, and I was like, well, duh, my friend, but it just sucks that is has to be this week of all weeks.

And Gergő was supposed to give me a shirt for his class (12.a), but he never did. :/

And I just talked with my host mom, and she said Betti needs a new class next year because she didn't do well in math. So she can go into the sport class (no, that's a stupid class for people who can't do school haha), the general class (no, that's not good either), the French class (that's not good either because it has very little English and is a really hard class), or the English class (definitely the best by far :D). So I think she'll probably do the English class next year in the ninth grade. At least that's what Anya and I want, because, duh, English is the best. :P

Well, that's all for now. Szia!
07:17am 10/01/2006
mood: bored
Well, I'm updating this from school during my computers class. No one sits next to me anymore (the computer doesn't work), so I can't do the work because all the programs are in freaking Hungarian. Haha.

But, um.. Yeah. Life's all right. School's the same as always. I really like my class; they're all nice people. Family's good as well. I may or may not be going to a concert with my host sisters this Saturday night.. I'm pretty sure Barbi will be going with Vince (her boyfriend), and I'll go if Betti goes. Because then I don't have to pay for the taxi we'll take home. Haha. No, that and I won't be left all by myself because Barbi would be with Vince the whole time.

Caitlin (American from Nebraska, staying in Kiskörös) came to visit us in Kaposvár this past weekend. She stayed with Sandy and Julia at Sandy's house (three exchange students in one house!). We worked on a video for Julia's younger sister in NZ's 16th birthday on Saturday. It was funn, but we didn't get as much as we should have done. Then, that night, we went iceskating. That was funn as well. Sunday I did nothing all day. Hehe. Caitlin also came to our Hungarian lesson yesterday before she left. That was cool, but the lesson was nothing special. After it, we saw her off at the train station.

Next Friday there may or may not be something going on for the three Americans leaving (they came just for the semester: Caitlin, Jess, and Je'Lissa) in Budapest. If something is going to happen, I'm going to try to go. And I'll probably go to the airport to see Caitlin off, too.

Other than that, not much else is new. Talk to everyone later.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm not checking my email instead of this, it's because the computers at my school can't support the software or whatever AOL uses. It's too advanced. Haha.

IBAUOCZDASBLHCGefcaolj bvfVLJAVsoLJgecvaoe   
02:56pm 03/01/2006
mood: VERY frustrated
Ok. So. I just wrote a freaking LONG entry to this about the past couple of weeks. I was almost to the end. So of course Mozilla Firefox decides to mess up and shut down. APZBvaobaldhv674akdhbasduozagvwevlsdfgv. I really don't feel like writing it all again. So I will summarize.

Concert with host sisters, two Fridays ago: It was funn. Got to dance, saw people from my class there, reggae band Ivory Coast was good.

Christmas: Was good, not like Christmas in the US. It's celebrated on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. Host family liked presents. Travelled around to lots of relatives' houses for gift exchanges and whatever. Got old really fast.

27th-2nd: Budapest with Julia, Sandy, Caitlin, and Kelsey (part of the time). It was funn. We watched a LOT of movies (seven). I'll see if I can remember them all: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (much better in English), Miss Congeniality 2 (stoopid), Narnia (in English, really good, liked it lots), Big Girls Don't Cry (interesting, don't know how I feel about it), Spanglish (stoopid), War of the Worlds (really awful movie), and Fame (pretty good, though some things were left untied at the end). Didn't have very much money, so I didn't do any shopping whatsoever. Sucks because I didn't have any money and everyone was having huge sales. :/ New Year's was good. Spent it with the three of us and a bunch of South American Rotary peoples from Debrecen. They were cool. We were on the Chain Bridge at midnight and saw fireworks and had a countdown. Liked it.

Came home yesterday. Weird, because Caitlin's leaving in a little more than three weeks. I think we're going to go the airport to say goodbye to her. She may or may not be coming to visit us this weekend, depending on if she can stay in Julia's house or not.

And now I'm here. I'm sorry for such a short entry, but I'm really not happy about losing all that I wrote. It was a novel. Well, at least this saves you time. It's pretty much the only important stuff, anyway.

That's it. Szia!
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12:32pm 10/12/2005
mood: lazy
So Bécs (Vienna) was yesterday. It was pretty good, all in all, I guess, but I think I liked the Graz trip better. But let's start from the beginning...

Well. I had planned to wake up a little before 3 to get ready for the day, and then take a taxi in town around 3.30 (my family didn't want to take me so early). So I set the alarm and everything, and went to sleep. I didn't have the best night of sleep ever, and kept waking up. The last time I remembered waking up, though, was at 1.40, which was too far away from 3 for me to just get up a little earlier. So I went back to sleep. And guess what woke me up. The doorbell. Rung by the taxi driver. At 3.40. And I was supposed to be at the meeting place at 3.45. Hm. Not good.

So I JUMPED out of bed, ran to the bathroom, got dressed (thank goodness I'd taken a shower the night before), grabbed my food, and was out the door. No kidding.

Then I told the taxi driver to drive FAST to the place. Haha. And it turned out I wasn't even the last one there (Nati and Kelsey came a little after me)! But still. That was not the best way to start off the day.

So we get on the buses, and head off. Spent most of the ride listening to music and attempting to sleep, though that didn't really happen. Sat across from one of the people who talked to us last time, but we didn't really talk at all. At the border, they didn't even OPEN our passports.. So no stamp for me. That was kinda frustrating, because I wanted a stamp. :(

I must say, I think I liked the drive to Graz better. It was a lot prettier with rolling hills and whatnot. But this drive was all right, too.

So. First thing they take us to: a freaking mall. We get to spend three hours of our time in a stoopid mall. In which I only bought food, anyway. It sucked. On the up side, though, I got a bagel with cream cheese and a Snapple Peach Iced Tea!! The fact that they had bagels and Snapple seriously made the day for me (and maybe Kelsey). But in any case, it put us in a really good mood afterward. :D

Then they took us to the Schönbrunn castle. It was gorgeous. And awe-inspiring. We went on a little audio tour of it. It was really cool. And outside was a Christmas market, which we had some free time to wander around in before we went inside. It was amazing.

After that, we were taken to the centrum, where we had free time. We used our free time to go to another Christmas market. It was really pretty. The trees were decorated with lights and whatnot (you can see pictures on my photo site). We walked around there for a while, and then went in front of the big tree to wait for Julia's friend (Hungarian girl who went to NZ for exchange last year and has lived in Vienna for most of her life), Lily. We didn't know what she looked like, other than that she had blonde hair (and Julia said glasses, but it turned out she didn't). Kelsey and I kept calling out "Lily... Lily..." so that she would know we were looking for her, and finally she and Julia found each other. It was a very interesting meeting.. They both shrieked and hugged each other for about 5 minutes.. And Kelsey, Sandy, and I were just standing there watching and laughing.

After that, we went to a cafe and had hot chocolate and chatted for an hour or so, and then we had to go back to the buses. Lily took us back, and told us what buildings were what. We got on the tram, and then proceeded to go past where we were meeting (we were there in the first place, but didn't realize it). But that way we got to see the Museums of Biology and Fine Arts (gorgeous, identical buildings). And we knew that the Parliament was the Parliament, so we got pictures taken of us outside it. It was cool.

On the bus ride home, sleep really started to catch up with all of us I think, especially after the first hour or so. For the majority of the ride, I just listened to my Ipod. I don't think I ever feel asleep, though.. Just got into that half-asleep-dazy frame of mind.

Anyhoo.. We ended up getting back at about quarter to midnight. I had to wait with Dzsip for her host mom because she was going to help me catch a taxi home. We waited for like 20 minutes in the very cold-ness. Not cool. Then I was driven to the train station to catch a taxi, and came home. The taxi rides there and back were expensive... I'm mad because my family gave me 3500 Ft. to pay for them when they costed 4500 Ft. I so almost wouldn't have had enough money, but I was lucky and had put a little bit of Ft. in my wallet anyway, just in case. I ended up getting home around 12.30. So it was like a 20 hour day. I had something to drink and then went straight to sleep.

So yes, it was a good trip. Still mad about the mall, though. I would have rather had more time exploring the city and whatnot. But apparently there's another trip to Vienna in May, where they'll take us to a theme park and whatnot. Can't wait for that. :)

So yeahh... I think I'm taking the early train to Budapest tomorrow morning to say goodbye to Esteban.. Then leaving in the early afternoon or something. But I have to call him once I'm done with this, and if he doesn't pick up (like he didn't before), I don't know if I'll be able to go because I need to go into town to buy the train tickets and I need to know when I'm coming home. So bleh. I don't feel like going into town today, but whatever.

And my host parents are in Budapest for the day today. Why don't they ever tell me these things?? Not that I would have gone with them, but it would have been nice to know that they were going in the first place. I dunno what they're doing.. Apparently some sort of tasting thing. I'm thinking wine tasting, but I really have no idea.

Anyway, that's all the news for now.. Szia!
02:08pm 08/12/2005
mood: chipper
Going to Vienna tomorrow. Exciting. But guess when we're meeting to leave... 3.30 in the morning. 3.30 in the FREAKING morning. And I thought 5 was bad. Aughhhh. I think I'll be going to bed at like 4 this afternoon. Haha.

But ew. It'd better be worth it (and I know it will be). Supposedly, this is our schedule: some shopping mall, a castle, really famous walking street, and the Christmas market there. Then free time. Should be funn. I'm going to try not to spend too much money, though.. But I'm interested to see what the Christmas market has. I've been to the Budapest one (it's cool), and to Kaposvár's little mini one, but apparently they're nothing compared to Austria's. I can't wait to see what Vienna looks like all Christmas-y decorated.

And apparently Kaposvár looks awesome at night, too. They've recently put up a humungous tree in the town center that's all covered in lights and there are lights up and down the walking street, as well. I haven't seen it in person, yet, but Julia and Kelsey saw it and said it looked awesome. I'm going to take my camera up sometime and take pictures for everyone. :)

The Christmas party in Székesfehérvár last weekend was funn. I didn't take any pictures, though, because I kinda forgot I had my camera with me. But it was funn. I stayed with Nati's ex-host family (she was going to stay with them, but then switched to stay with one of the Thai girls). They were really nice. There was a mom (Andrea), a dad (Norbert), and a little four year-old girl, Rebekka. The girl was so cute, and the parents were awesome. They picked me up whenever I needed to be, and the only rule was to take your shoes off when you entered the house. :P They invited me back whenever I wanted to come, so I think I'll take them up on that and visit them again sometime during the new year. Perhaps in the spring sometime.

Caitlin's host mom said we could have her family's flat in Budapest for New Year's.. That should be funn. Dunno what we're going to be doing, but there has to be something going on in Budapest for New Year's, right? I think so.

Uhmmmmm... Not much else is new. I was going to go up to Budapest just for the day on Sunday, but I don't know if that's going to work out.. I hafta call Esteban about that. We'll see.

And it turns out that Australian boy won't be coming here in January... Because he switched countries and is now going to Norway. What the heck? Oh well. I hope we get someone new, though. Because we need the new blood, I think, and Kelsey's going to be moving somewhere else in the country as well.

And the weather was really nice today. Just a little cold (in a good way), the sun is shining, and the sky is so blue. That reminds me, I have to check the weather for Vienna for tomorrow.

In any case, I'm excited about Vienna, even if I have to get up in the two o'clock hour. It should be lots of funn. And maybe we'll be seeing the people we met last time on the Graz trip, because they said they'd be coming on this trip as well. I guess that's it for now, though. Puszi!

03:07pm 24/11/2005
mood: disappointed
Ahhh exciting news! Well, first off I'm going to Budapest tomorrow (though we have no idea where we're staying tomorrow night, but it'll work out :D). And second, apparently three boys are coming to Kaposvár in January!! How exciting! And they're from the southern hemisphere (namely, S. America and Australia). It's about time we got some guys here. Seven girls is quite a bit. Our teacher wasn't too happy about having boys, but let me tell you, us exchangers were! Haha.. But plus it's easier to incorporate guys into our little group of friends than girls, because all of us girls are already really good friends and whatnot (as Kelsey said).

So yes, that is exciting. Hehe. And Caitlin's leaving in like two months. Eek! Where will we stay in Budapest?? Hahaha.. No, but she's really cool. Sucks she's only here for a semester.

And this next month's going to be funn.. This weekend: Budapest. Next weekend: Székesfehérvár. The Friday after that: Vienna. And then it's practically Christmas. :D Sucks that all the January '05 people are leaving, though. I don't know any of them, but I've heard lots about them and want(ed) to meet them.. Now I dunno if I'll have a chance, seeing how their final orientation is next weekend while we're in Székesfehérvár. :/

That's it for now. Puszi.
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05:03pm 19/11/2005
mood: grateful
It was funn.

First off, I missed the bus to my Geography class for some reason (it was early combined with I was late--first time ever, too!), but that was okay because I had a test in it anyway that I didn't feel like taking on my birthday. So I just went in for French, which was okay. Then all of the exchange students (me, Isabel, Julia, Nati, Dzsip, Sandy, and Kelsey) went out to lunch at a place called Corso's. It was good, but slow. Kelsey literally had 10 minutes to eat her food because she had to go home and pack because she was going to visit a friend that weekend. But yeah, it was good. After lunch, I went home and opened my cards sent to me (thankies!!) and the package my parents sent me. Much needed books and tank tops! Yay! Thanks so much! Then, once my family got home, they proceeded to give me chocolate, a tote-y bag (cute, hehe), and a notebook. Yay!

After that, at around 8, I headed over to Sandy's house. My anya drove me, which was kinda surprising. My two sisters were going to a concert at the Pogo Center. Anyway.. Waited around until Julia got there around 9.30, and then, after waiting around for a little while longer, headed off to Mozi Világ (pub place with karaoke) [in the mean time, I realized FIVE MINUTES after lunch ended that I had forgotten to call my friends in the U.S... Man, I was kicking myself for that]. It was pretty crowded when we got there, and ended up squeezing into Mikki's (a guy from Julia's class) table for a little while. At around midnight, I called Molly and then Emily because it was after school. I also got to talk to Danielle and Caitlin on Emily's phone because they were with her. So that was cool, even if I didn't get to talk to everyone.

So, after Mozi Világ, around 12.30 or whatever, we headed over to Fene (the disco/dance club). It was funnay, because Mikki (above-mentioned Julia's friend) and Gúszti (guy in Sandy's class) decided to have a race to get to Fene. Of course, Gúszti won, and gloated in our faces for a minute or two. Then we were stood outside for a while and then asked ourselves why we weren't going in, so we went inside. Checked our coats and stuff, then went to the bathroom. While there, guess who I ran into! My angel, Dávid. Drunk. It was hilarious, seeing how this guy's supposed to be my role model. It really was funnay.

So yeah.. Had funn dancing. Julia went off with some guy (haha) for a while, but then came back, and Sandy was so cute with Gúszti (though she doesn't want to admit it). Hehe. So yeah.. We ended up sitting down and talking for a little while, and then decided just like that to go home. Julia was like, hey, we can talk on the way home, so why don't we go home? So we did. It was really random and sudden and whatnot, but everyone else we knew had left already. We ended up getting home at about 10 to 4, and talked for a little and then went to bed. It was funn.

Today, woke up at 2 (latest ever :P), ate lunch, and then came home by bus. My family (minus Barbi) had gone to Pécs to the Arkád (where Julia, Sandy, Kelsey, and I went on Thursday) to go shopping. I was fine with that, because I went on Thursday, and I like shopping with friends better than shopping with my family. I can go into more stores and whatnot. So yeah. They got home probably about half an hour ago.

Nothing else planned for the rest of the weekend.. Just relaxing, probably. :P That's it for now!
03:01pm 14/11/2005
mood: surprised
Wow, long time no write. Sorry guys. :P

Anyway... Autumn vacation's long over (it was the week before last). Went up to Budapest for a few days with Sandy and Caitlin. It was funn; shopped and probably spent a little too much money. Last week sucked, because it was the week back after a vacation. Of course it was going to suck. But the weekend was awesome.

So Kelsey (from CA, as well) is now in our chapter. She's cool. So on Friday, all of the exchange students went to this dance competition between groups and schools in and around (I think) Kaposvár. It was free, and that was cool, because there were TONS of people there so a lot of money could have been made. Anyway, only a few groups were actually any good. The last group was the best. Táncsics won, but apparently the contest is fixed, and last year Munkácsy won, so this year Táncsics had to win. Haha. Ours was better, though.

After that, all 7 exchange students went out to dinner at Mozi Világ (Movie World). It was good, but ended up being pretty expensive. But good nonetheless.

Saturday, I went into town to meet with Julia (a Hungarian friend) and her friend Zsofi, from Dombovar. She had come to spend the day with Julie, and she was really nice. We went and put money on my phone and then went and got drinks and talked. Then we went back to Julie's flat (apartment; they're called flats here.. Plus that sounds so much better) to have dinner and talk some more. I decided to call Emily to see if I had her number right, and hung up after one ring because it worked. Then I called Clifford, not expecting him to pick up because it was like 8 or 9 in the morning on a Saturday, and he actually picked up! That was awesome. I got to talk to him for a few minutes, but he was in a hurry and I didn't want to spend all the money I'd just put on my phone. Then we had dinner, and then took Zsofi to the train station. It turns out a lot of her classmates (Julie's old classmates) were also on the same train because they had come into Kaposvár for the afternoon to go iceskating (Dombovar's like a half an hour drive by car or something.. Not too far). So we talked with them for a little while (Zsofi's train left like 20 minutes late for some reason), but none of them spoke any English other than Zsofi, who spoke it really well. There were two guys who were kinda cute, though.. One I didn't know the name of, but the other was named Viktor. They were asking questions about me, and I thought that was kinda funnay. Apparently they don't get exchange students in Dombovar. But afterward Julie said she thought Viktor liked me, so that was cute. Too bad I'll probably never see him again, even though she said I would because they come here like every other Saturday, but still, I probably won't.

After that, we went back to Julie's flat again to wait until it was time to go iceskating. I was sitting there, talking to Julie, when guess who calls me! Emily! She saw that I had called her, and decided to call me back! It was SO awesome. She was at a band review in Napa, and so a bunch of other people were there and I got to talk to Maritza, Kelly, Abbie, Naikaly, and Caitlin (and maybe Melissa.. I can't remember) as well. That was awesome. I told her I'd call her during lunch time for them on Friday so I could talk to everyone else. Plus I felt bad for Julie because she had nothing to do and I felt I was being rude.

Then iceskating time came, and we walked to the rink. We caught up with Laci (this guy in my art class that Julie likes) when we had almost reached the rink, and he and Julie talked. Then we went inside and I got skates (the cheaper place outside didn't have my size) and started skating. The ice seriously sucked, from the moment we got on. It was really, really bad. But it was okay. I saw lots of people I either knew or recognized. Marci, Roland, Benci, Eszter, Anikó, and two other guys from my class that I don't know the name of were all there, as well as people from 10f (the class I take art with) and people I just recognized, possibly from Munkácsy or the dance at Munkácsy that was a long time ago. So yeah. Julie and I spent most of our time avoiding people we didn't feel like talking to, so that was funn. Had an interesting experience, but won't go into that here (don't worry, it was nothing bad, just interesting).

Then, afterward, we went back to Julie's flat. We literally got back AT 11:30 (that was our curfew) becasue Julie just kept talking to Laci. It was really funnay, because he and I would agree on things that she would disagree about, and he said we would have a "very strong relationship." It was funnay, because he was teasing her. Hehe.

The yesterday, I literally did nothing. I couldn't force myself to study.. It was too hard. So I got nothing done.

Apparently it's supposed to SNOW on Friday. WHAT THE HECK?!?! I'm SO not prepared for this. I really need tall, winter boots. So I'm going to ask my family if I can go to Pécs on Wednesday with Julia and Kelsey to go shopping for winter clothes, because I really need boots and I haven't found any here in Kaposvár. Eeek. Only hitch is that I have a History test on Thursday, so yeah.. Oh well. I'll ask anyway. Hopefully I can go.

So yeah.. That's about it. But SNOW? On FRIDAY? That's my birthday!! Haha, first day of snow is my birthday! And apparently my birthday is also "Domino Day," whatever that is. I saw a commercial for it on TV. It apparently (obviously) has something to do with dominoes. Ok...

Anyway, that's all the news for now. Szia!
02:11pm 26/10/2005
mood: thoughtful
So Graz is over and done with. :,( It was awesome. I'm in love with that city, and quite possibly all of Austria, even if I've only been there for a day. I'm convinced I'm going to live there some day... Maybe the exchange I'm positive I'm going to do in college? But I also want to go to Italy and Argentina and Thailand and New Zealand... Gah. I'm considering doing a gap year exchange now, but I don't know if mz parents would go for it. Maybe if I paid for it they would.

Anyhoo, back to Graz. It was so cool. It was SO much cleaner than Hungary, and the guys were nicer and so much more polite. They wouldn't do the disgusting stares and once- (and sometimes twice-) overs. It was SO nice. I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to Vienna now. And me, Julia, and Sandy are definitely going back to Graz for a weekend or something.. At least a few days.

Annnnyyyywwwwaaaayyyyy.... Yeah. Monday night I slept over at Sandy's house so my host parents wouldn't have to drive me, because we could walk from Sandy's house. Tuesday morning, I got up before 4 and got ready, and then it turned out Sandy's dad drove us, so that was good. We got there and Julia had saved us seats on the bus, so that was nice of her. Isabel came soon after, and then we were just waiting to go. We finally got going, and yeah. The bus ride was ok... Not as bad as I expected. It actually passed quite quickly. Mostly just talked with Julia, Sandy, and Isabel the whole time. The people from Közgaz probably had NO idea what was going on with us and why we were even there, and so they didn't really talk to us and we didn't really make the effort to talk with them. But that was okay. Then we had a bathroom break, and everyone got out in search of the bathrooms. We walked full AROUND the building before going inside and finding out the bathrooms were in there. It must've looked funnay seeing like 20 or 30 people walking in a line around the gas station. :P

Then we got back on the bus. It took a while, but we finally got to the border with Austria. The lady who checked our passports wasn't a very cheerful person, but we got through without any trouble, so that was good. Then we drove through Austria for what was probably about an hour (and, my goodness, it was gorgeous!), and finally got to a castle which we ended up not being able to go into because the teachers forgot to call a certain person to let them know we were coming. But it was pretty, and I got lots of German brochures about it (and one English one). On the bus ride to the clock tower, I happened to see the COOLEST store ever... It was called Laura. Definitely got a picture of that. Unfortunately we were in the bus, so I couldn't be in front of it. Then we went to the clock tower, which is conviently placed on top of a very tall and steep hill. We decided to climb up it. It was rather tiring, but very worth it. The view from the top was awesome. Plus we were there at exactly noon, so we had pretty good timing if I do say so myself.

Then we climbed back down, after wondering what a huge blob-like thingy building was, we found out we were GOING there. (In the mean time, though, while waiting for everyone else, we wandered into a store at the bottom of the hill that had gorgeous shawl-things, but they were really expensive [at least 40 Euros] so I didn't buy any) So yeah, we went in, and it was pretty cool. It had an exhibit going about middle-sized cities, and it was pretty good. Cameras weren't allowed, but Julia snuck some pictures and I got one. I'll put hers up as well when she sends them to me. So yeah, it was pretty exciting going into the blob.

After that, we had free time. But we didn't know that (we being me, Julia, Sandra, and Isabel) because we were taken to some INSANELY boring museum that was just rows and rows and rows of guns and armor and blah. So we thought we had to go into that. After that, though, we had free time. We went walking around and did some shopping. I got three v-neck tank tops from H&M (the first one I'd ever been in.. I got a picture of it) and a wallet-thing which I'll probably give to someone as a present at some point. It was a cool store, though.

Then, after shopping, we found a really cute little coffee/cake house/restaurant. The food was good, even if the hot chocolate was a little water-y. Then, we looked around a little more, and then went back to meet the rest of the group. What was really weird was, as we were buying postcards, I heard a couple speak English, so I asked them where they were from. The said the U.S., so I asked where, and they said Conneticut. They asked where I was from, and I said CA near SF, and they said they'd just been there a few weeks ago for their brother's wedding or something. And get this... They were in Redwood City! Geez, talk about it being a small world! Anyway, from there, we went to (after standing around for a while), a little square where we would wait until 6 to listen to the bell ring. Julia, Sandy, and I decided to go into a nearby shop because we had some time until it was going to happen. I found a sweater I really liked, but I didn't get it because there wasn't enough time. Sandy ended up buying a Playboy bunay shirt, though. The ringing was cool, though, because little figures of people came out of the tower and swirled around in circles.

After that, we headed back to the buses, loaded on, and were off. Still, the four of us exchange students just talked with each other. We were being really silly, though.. Perhaps because of the lack of sleep and length of being awake. So we were just chilling along, and then all of a sudden the people across from us decide to try and talk with us. They spoke very little English, so it was interesting communicating with them. We actually managed to have a conversation, though. Their names were Andris/András, Péter, Chobi (not sure if that's spelled right), Hanna(h), and a guy I never caught the name of that really liked reggae and wanted to be called Bob Marley. They were really niced. They asked how old we were, and it was funnay because Sandy, Isabel, and Julia are all 18 and I'm 15. So I think they were a little surprised about that. But they turned out to all be 14 or 15 (they looked a lot older... I thought they were around 16), and were in the ninth German class at Közgaz. They were pretty cool, though. People kept thinking Sandy was from New Zealand and we kept having to correct them... It was amusing. And it turns out they're going on the trip to Vienna, too, so hopefully we'll see them there. They're pretty cool kids. We were trying to tell jokes to each other, and the best one was.... "Why did the rabbit sit in the grass?" "I don't know, why?" "Because it wanted to!" And this took about 15 minutes for them to translate into English... It was really funnay. What was odd, though, was that they waited until the last two hours of the bus ride home to talk to us. Péter'd been glancing at us during the bus rides, so we'd kinda been like "what's going on" but he spoke some English, so it turned out that he probably understood part of what we were saying. Especially when we were talking about Debrecen. But he and everyone else was nice and cool. Hope to see them again on the way to Vienna. Maybe we'll even be on the same bus again. That would be cool.

Oh, and it turned out that András is on the same volleyball team as Roland (who's in my half of the class) and another guy in my class (I can't remember his name-- it starts with a "B"-- but he's in the other half, so I never really talked with him.. Plus he messed up his knee and has been out of school for almost two weeks), so that was kinda cool. Didn't know they played volleyball. It's cool (plus Roland's cute :P).

So yup, got home around 11:15, and my apa came to pick me up. He wasn't in the best mood, because I'm sure he'd been up for a while too (but probably not quite as long as me, and I was fine), so I didn't really try to talk to him.

Then, this morning, my family actually woke me up for school. I wasn't too happy about that, because I hadn't gotten enough sleep and was still extremely exhausted from the day before. I thought they would not make me go to school because Betti didn't have to go to school the Monday after her competition when she'd gotten a full night's sleep. So whatever, since I take the bus Wednesday and Friday mornings because I don't have a first class, I just went back to sleep for a little bit. Unfortunately, I was already awake, and then finally just got up and whatnot. Then I got on the computer, ate a bowl of honey nut Cheerios (yum), and then went over to Sandy's house to get my stuff and just avoid my family (they don't know I didn't go to school today-- :P). So yup, hung out there for a couple of hours, and then came home after when I would've gotten out from school.

So now I'm here, uploading pictures from Graz onto my online photo album (http://shmooonie.myphotoalbum.com), which, by the way, is taking forever. Bleh.

But yes, definitely in love with Austria. It's so frustrating that that was my second choice... Not that I don't like Hungary, but I have a slight feeling I might've liked Austria more, which makes me feel bad and a little guilty because I can't change where I am. I still like Hungary, though, but I'm considering another exchange to Austria. I really want to go there. It would be awesome. I know I'd love it so much.

Anyway, looking forward to Vienna! :) That's it for now. Puszi!
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05:00pm 18/10/2005
mood: bouncy
This morning when I got in the car it was below freezing. Yiiiipes. It's getting coooolllldddd. So don't any of you Californians complain when it's in the 50s or whatever when it's below freezing here. :P

Not much has been going on.. Had our Hungarian lesson today instead of yesterday because Erzsi was in Budapest. Took a French test yesterday even though I didn't know we were even HAVING one because I hadn't been there on Friday due to Hungarian (we didn't have it on Thursday because Erzsi was busy).

On Sunday I went to Érd with my family for Betti's horse competition. I'm sorry to say it, but it was boring and ate up waaayyy too much of the day. I had to get up at 6, we left around 7:20, got there around 9:30, and didn't leave until after 3:30. After which we went to an outlet mall in which none of us found anything except Apa, who bought a jacket. Pointless. I would've rather stayed home. Oh well.

Friday night I went ice skating with Julia, Sandy, Ildi (Julia's host sister), and Ádám (my angel and Ildi's friend). It was funn. I fell twice, though, but Sandy fell about a million times. Haha. It was funnay, and funn. I might be going again this Saturday with other people, but I think one of my host grandparents is having a birthday party so the two might conflict with each other.

By the way, I'm going to AUSTRIA next Tuesday! Julia and I (and maybe Sandy, I don't know, and maybe Nati) are going on a school trip with the school next to Táncsics to a city called Gaz for the day. It's going to be awesome, and it only costs about $20! How amazing is that? I wonder if all the other AFSers get the amazing opportunities we do (we're going to Vienna in December, too!).. Seriously, it's awesome. :D So I'm definitely excited for that. Hehe.

Then the first week of November is our one-week long vacation. I'm looking forward to that. I might be going up to Budapest with Caitlin and maybe Julia and Sandy, but we haven't really made any plans yet. But yeah, I'm glad for the break. Hehe.

So yup, that's about it. Not much else going on. But I'm EXTREMELY excited for Austria!! Hehe.. :)

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So I'm back...   
01:46pm 11/10/2005
mood: happy
I'm back from our orientation in Budapest. It was really funn (even though our AFS activities were sucky), and it was great to talk to so many people again, and get to know new ones. I'm uploading pictures onto my site (shmooonie.myphotoalbum.com), so check 'em out. They're awesome.

So let me recount what we did...

Friday: Got up at 5 in the morning to get ready, left for the train station a little after 6, and got there around 6:15. Once there, I found Julia, Ildi (Julia's sister), Ádél (Dzsip's angel), and Isabel already there. Sandy, Dzsip, and Nati came soon after, and then our train got there. We loaded on, and then had some confusion finding seats, but ultimately just took a room for ourselves (me, Julia, Sandy, Isabel, Nati, and Dzsip). Sandy, Julia, and I relaxed and watched One Tree Hill (ohhh am I addicted now- it's so good!) on Sandy's portable DVD player. It was awesome. But she forgot the charger for the battery, so we couldn't watch it on the way back. We got to Budapest a little after 9, dropped our bags off at a place in the train station, and headed over to Mammut (a big mall). It wasn't that far, so we walked. It turns out the mall was 6 stories high and was TWO buildings. Julia, Sandy, and I managed to cover the whole thing in a mere 4 1/2 or 5 hours. I ended up getting a long sweater, a zip-up sweater, a belt, a bag, and a grey pull-over thing. On the way out, we decided to play a trick on Julia's sister. We gave ALL of our bags to Julia (mine, Sandy's, and Julia's all combined), and came out with the straightest faces possible. Ildi freaked out. It was hilarious. Julia got some good pictures of her face. We kept playing along until eveyone else showed up (Julia even showed and explained everything to Ildi), and then told them it was a joke. It was hilarious. After that, we went back to get our stuff from the train station, and then took two metros to the bus station to Dunaharaszti. Once there, we met AFS volunteers as well as other AFSers. We were the second group to get there, and gradually more people started arriving. Once everyone was there, we took a 4 o'clock bus to Dunaharaszti. We arrived at Dunaharaszti at about 5, and then we had free time until dinner, which was at 6. We got settled in our houses (they were little cabins, and were MUCH better than the first orientation). I was in a room with a girl from Ecuador (I can't remember her name), her host sister, Sandy, and Nati. Next door to us were Julia and Caitlin, so that was cool. We went down to dinner after sitting by the lake thing for a little while. The food was good (one again, better than last time). After dinner, we a little more free time, and then got into groups for AFS activities. My group was me, Sandy, Julia, Caitlin, Sigrun (from Iceland), Kelsey, and Rob (both from the U.S.). We drew shields (it was a stoopid activity), talked, and then had free time. Julia, Caitlin, Sandy, and I went off and found people to talk to (I can't exactly remembe who). We were up until probably 1 or so, and then went to bed, seeing how we'd been up for 20 hours straight.

Saturday: My alarm clock woke us up a little after 7. Got up, took a shower, got ready, and then we went outside. Saw Caitlin and Julia walking out of their cabin right next door, so that was good timing. We headed down for breakfast, had that, stole the extra bread in case we got hungry later (and we did, so it was a good move on our part), and then had a little free time before our AFS activities for the day began. We talked some more, and the divied up into our groups. In the groups, we acted out little host family situations (once again, stoopid and pointless), and discussed our families and things. Then we had lunch, and then had to get back into our groups. More stoopid and utterly pointless activites, which included literally sitting around talking about nothing for at least two hours. We did write letters to ourselves, though, and that was a good idea, but we were rushed at so mine turned out pretty stoopid, I think. Then we were told we had to do a skit about us at the end-of-stay orientation, so we came up with the idea to do a sort of stereo-type thing. We had two fat people (Julia and Rob), a spiritual person (Kelsey), a sophisticated person (Sigrun), a pregnant girl (Caitlin, as usual), and two language people (me and Sandy). All of the skits were really stoopid, including ours, and there was really no point at all to doing them. Then we were told that about 15 kids could walk to the Lidl (grocery store) and get food, so Caitlin, Sandy, Julia, Sigrun, and Thelma (from Iceland as well), decided to go. We went and got a BUNCH of junk food. Too much, actually, but what do you expect. Then we came back and had dinner, and then took the stuff to our room and ate a little before coming back to the restaurant to talk about optional AFS trips. At 7:15 that night, we all gathered in the restaurant (or at least all that were interested) to talk about the optional trips. There's going to be one in April for 9 days that goes to Germany, Belgium, Austria (I think), Paris, and London. I really, really, REALLY want to go on it, and it's not that expensive, so I'm going to do whatever it takes to convince my parents (in the U.S., of course) to let me go. I think Julia, Sandy, Thelma, and Sigrun are all going to try to go, too. There's also a trip in May that's either going to be to Transylvania or Greece, and I'm PRAYING it'll be to Greece, because I would DEFINITELY go on that. No question about it. Ohhh I can't wait. Plus, Caitlin said her family's going skiing in Austria in December, and she said I could probably come along. So I really want to do that, as well. I'm so excited now. :) Anyway, that night, we went out and found people. It seemed like almost everyone was inside, but we found some people outside and hung out with them. Julia corn-rowed Jorge's (from Venezuela) hair and it took forever, but by the end it looked awesome. In the mean time, Dario (from Colombia, and VERY good dancer) was teaching me and some other people how to dance. We learned salsa and other things I don't know the name of. It was really funn.. He was a seriously good dancer, though. It was amazing. I'm definitely going to South America to become fluent in Spanish and learn to dance now. I'm so convinced. Then a jerky AFS volunteer came and talked to us. After a while of that, some people walked by and he started to talk to them, so we took the opportunity to leave. We (me, Sandy, and Julia; it had been more, but others had left before, including Jorge and Dario) headed down to room 18 or 20 (not sure which), and hung out there for a while with the German girls and some other people. We ended up going to bed around 2 or maybe 2:30.

Sunday: Got up for breakfast (it was at 8), and then loaded onto the bus at 9 after taking group pictures. The bus took us to the AFS headquarters, where we promptly dropped off our bags and then headed to Hero's Square. We looked around there, and then took the metro to a park, where the Fountain of Danubius (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called) was, and then went on to other sights of interest, like St. Peter's Basilica, the Parliament, the U.S. Embassy (though we really just happened to be passing it), a Soviet monument, the Chain Bridge, and then the castle. The views were awesome. Then we headed back to the office to get our bags and go. We went to the train station and hung out until 5 for our train. The seats were really weird, so I ended up scrunching in with Julia and Sandy, even though we couldn't watch One Tree Hill. We got into the station around 7:45-ish, and I got home around 8. I was extremely tired, so I unpacked and then pretty much went straight to bed.

Yesterday was a blah day. Had Hungarian class, and we talked about the orientation and other AFS stuff. We get to organize whatever we want to do in December as a chapter, because the whole country doesn't have enough money to organize an event for all of us. That kind of sucks, but at least we can do whatever we want. Also, the mom of my newest angel, Ádám, is organizing a one-day trip up to Vienna for us. I think that's also some time in December. Then in February we have our one-week exchange to another part of the country. We're going to the Kiskunhalas chapter, and those people there are coming here. That's where Caitlin is, but she'll be gone by then (she came here for a semester), so that sucks too. Then April and May are the two trips. Looking forward to them. Hehe.

Today was pretty boring, as well. Had 4 classes, then went and bought some pens and a highlighter and a day calendar for 2006, and now I'm here, and have been for a while, uploading pictures and doing this thing while they're loading.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you had funn reading all of that! Now go look at my pictures, if you haven't already. :)
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05:36pm 06/10/2005
mood: excited
Yeah, so now I have another (a THIRD) angel (angels are people associated with AFS that are supposed to help us [the AFSers] with any problems we may have with our family or anything). So yeah, Nona (my first angel) is now in Spain (she has a boyfriend there from when she was there for a semester earlier this year), so I was given ANOTHER one. I already have Dávid as my second one (everyone has two), and I thought that was why I had him, but no, now I have another. His name's Ádám, and he goes to the school next to Táncsics (the other big, and good, school in Kaposvár; it's where Julia and Sandy go), called something like Köszgöz (that's the short form, but I don't know how it's really spelled). I don't know what class he's in, but I met him today and he seems nice. He's a friend of Julia's sister, and also a girl in my class named Anita (she's nice; she introduced him to me).

So yeah, tomorrow morning I leave for Budapest. Should be funn. Sandy bought a portable DVD player, so we should be occupied for the 2 1/2 hour train ride. Once we get to Budapest, we can leave our luggage in the train station at some sort of luggage locker, and then go shopping. Hehe, I'm looking forward to that. Then we go to Dunaharászti for our orientation at 5, and have dinner and do some activities there. Saturday we do some more activites, but apparently we'll have a lot of free time, so that's good. Sunday we're going on a sight-seeing tour around Budapest, so that should be cool. I hope I remember to take lots of pictures. Hehe. So I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend. Can't wait to see people.

This morning's sunrise was reallllllyyyyy pretty. I took a couple of pictures of it. :)

That's it for now.
Yeah, so...   
05:22pm 29/09/2005
mood: aggravated
Laura is not a happy camper at the moment.

I just had to trek fifteen or twenty minutes to the bus stop with Julia with only one umbrella, have the umbrella turn inside out while I was running to catch my bus, get on the bus SOAKING wet (my jeans were wet up to my knees), take the bus home, and then walk 5 more minutes to my house. Raining the whole time. What really makes me mad is the fact that my mom was ON HER WAY to picking up both Barbi AND Betti from in town, and yet she couldn't come get me even though Sandy's house in downtown. No, I had to take the bus home. I don't understand it. This isn't the first time it's happened, either, but before it wasn't raining. And I didn't even HAVE an umbrella; I had to borrow one of Sandy's family's. So not fair. Julia agreed too.

Ugh, I'm going to ask my mom about that when she gets home.

And then tomorrow Sandy, Julia, and I are having a movie-day/night at Sandy's house. It should be funn. I haven't asked my parents about it yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll agree. I meant to earlier this week, but I forgot. Haha. Oh well.

So yeah, I'm not in the best mood right now. But today was a pretty good day, otherwise.
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05:35pm 26/09/2005
mood: frustrated
So today I totally freaked my younger sister Betti out by picking up a praying mantis. It was funnnnnnnaaaaayyyyyyy.

I love being an older sister. :D

Anyway, Friday night was interesting. It was funn, though. So I went to this cake place (yummy) with some girls from my 11e class after school. Then I met up with Julie from 10e, and we followed this guy she liked. Don't worry, it wasn't that stalker-ish. Then we went back to her flat, dropped our stuff off, and took the dog (the HUGE dog, Arthur) for a walk. We got yelled at for letting him somewhere he wasn't supposed to be and the people threatened to call the police on us, so we decided to leave. Who knows, Hungarians are a little crazy, so we decided not to take any chances.

By the time we got back, we had to get ready for the party at Munkácsy (my school) that night really quickly so we could get in free. So we did, but the people who were supposed to let us in free had finished early and left. Losers. But we met up with Julie's friend Andi (I don't know her because she takes German, not French, but she's really nice). We waited outside for a little, and then went to the cake place again. Hehe. Then we went to a Hungarian folk-dancing place to wait for Err (pronounced "air;" he's the guy Julie's obsessed with, and it's a nickname) to come out, but he never did (he was supposed to have a lesson until 7:30, so Julie was going to meet him outside when he came out and try to convince him to come to the party). So we went back to the school, and as we were almost there we saw him across the street walking away from the school. It was unbelievable, because he had said he wasn't going to come to the party and yeah, it was funnay because we'd been looking for him and it turned out he had never gone to the lesson in the first place. So he said he'd be coming back, so we went in.

We sat around for a while, and then walked outside. We met a friend of Andi's (also in 10e, named Erzsi) who was waiting for some other friends, so we waited with her. Another girl named Noci (pronounced Nahtsi) came up, and I knew her because she'd helped me in French. She's really nice. Then a bunch of guys walked passed us, and one of them knew Erzsi so he started talking to her, and then the rest of them stopped as well. Apparently they were former classmates. Anyway, they were kinda cute but almost all of them smoked, so fuj (phooey :P). They were nice, though, but kinda silly. I thought maybe they spoke some Spanish and that I'd be able to communicate with them that way because one of them had said "Muchas gracias, Senor" but no, that was all they knew. One guy asked me my name and seemed interested that I was an exchange student, so that was cool. Julie thought he "liked me a little too much" (her words, haha), but that's another storty (basically they just danced beside us and then always happened to be outside when we were). But yeah, the other people came, so we went back inside and danced. The Err was spotted dancing with another girl, possibly the one he liked from 9f. So yeah, that upset Julie.

So to make a long story short, we ended up going home a little early because of Err. Yeah, drama, drama. But it was funn. I liked it. I saw a couple people from my class, too. I went and slept over at Julie's flat that night.

Saturday, I came home and did nothing. Sunday (yesterday) I went and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Hungarian. I thought maybe they wouldn't have translated the songs, but they did, so that sucked. I understood very little.

I've decided I'm going to be fluent in Hungarian by November because that's when the new Harry Potter movie comes out. Haha, I have a long way to go.

Also, today I had a History test. If I'm really lucky, I got a 4 (equivalent to a B), because I couldn't for the life of me remember what happened in 843 (it was the Treaty of Verdun, which split up the Frankish Empire), and it was worth 8 (out of 40) points. So if I got EVERYTHING else right, I got 32/40. which is exactly 80%. I'm really mad about that, because I knew it, I just couldn't remember it. It was hard because the test was on Feudalism, the Frankish Empire, the Slavic nations, and Islam, so it was hard to place what happened when and to who. The question literally read "What happened in 843 and what were the consequences of it?" so you really had to have your stuff memeorized.

Well, yup, that's all for now. Toodles.
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